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Foxxe a posted Apr 26, 12
Welcome to the IQ guild (2010-Present) website of Proudmoore server. When you are creating an account on this website, you MUST use your in-game character name as your user name or link your character to IQ site to identify yourself.

We are recruiting for Mythic WOD Raiding!

Our raid schedules are:

Weekday Tue/Wed/Thu 5-8pm 6-9pm  7-10pm 8-11pm Top Mythic Needs:
H. Priest, H.Pally, Boomkin, Lock, and other exceptional RDPS
Weekend Sat/Sun 3-7pm 4-8pm  5-9pm 6-10pm Recruiting

For more information about IQ, please contact an officer in-game at your convenience. 

High Maul Raid

Foxxe a posted Nov 29, 14

Highmaul raid instance will open on Tues, Dec 2nd and raid invites are out for both teams.  Please sign up on in-game calendar and see below for Highmaul release schedule.

Tue, Dec. 2nd 
  • Normal opens.
  • Heroic opens.

Tue, Dec. 9th - First wing of Raid Finder opens.
  • Mythic opens.
  • Raid Finder - First wing opens.
  1.      Kargath Bladefis
  2.      The Butcher
  3.      Brackenspore

Tue, Dec. 16th - Second wing of Raid Finder opens.
  • Raid Finder - Second wing opens.
  1.     Tectus
  2.     Twin Ogron
  3.     Ko'ragh

Tue, Jan 6th  - Third wing of Raid Finder opens.
  • Raid Finder - Third wing opens.
  1.    Imperator Mar'gok

The following raid, Blackrock Foundry, will open several weeks after the initial opening of Highmaul.  Expected around Late January.